Size Guide

Bracelet sizes on this website are determined by the inside diameter of the bracelet.

Your wrist size can be found by wrapping a thin strip of paper around your wrist, overlap the ends. Make a pencil mark across the overlapping ends then straighten the paper and measure with a rule. Alternatively use a piece of string and measure in the same way.
Note you should measure around the wrist at the point you expect to wear the bracelet.

The bracelets are elasticated and will stretch over the the knuckles. Once in place the bracelet should fit snug against the wrist with up to ½" stretch, but not over stretched since it will become uncomfortable to wear with time.

Small 14    to 16.5 Centimetres 5½ to 6½ Inches
Medium 16.5 to 18.5 Centimetres 6½ to 7¼ Inches
Large 18.5 to 20.5 Centimetres 7¼ to 8     Inches
Extra Large 20.5 to 23    Centimetres 8     to 9    Inches